What is a sugar daddy- honest answer from sugar babies?

Posted by SugarDaddySeekingSites|Mar 5,2019

what is a sugar daddyThe definition of sugar daddy in a dictionary goes like this: sugar daddies are wealthy older men who give women lavish or monetary gifts exchange for companionship and sexual favors, which is a mutual beneficial relationship.

Personally, I don’t think it is an accurate or appealing definition. When it comes to sugar daddy, we usually relate to an older ugly man even with unique odor. However, it is not always the case in the era, even more men becoming ridiculously wealthy at their young age. Young newbie sugar daddies are usually too busy to have a serious relationship, so sugar relationship is an enjoyable companionship in a physical relationship without commitment for sugar daddies. That’s why Lots of great generous men of all ages would like to be a sugar daddy. generous sugar daddies spoil their sugar babies with luxurious gifts and finance support to show their appreciation for her time and companion, while sugar babies are enjoyable those finer things in life.Here are some questions sugar babies may appeal your attention?

1. Is there emotional component in sugar relationship?

Answers from real sugar baby, many sugar daddies are more likely to attract by sugar babies which makes them feel a sense of success. If I’m not really attracted to my sugar daddies both emotionally or physically, I still have to fake to it. If I’m in a situation where I got too attracted to a sugar daddy, you have to understand that sugar daddy are usually wise and elite men, some even handsome, but I still have to keep control my feelings. For avoiding heartbroken, it’s hard to keep a long term sugar relationship with one sugar daddy. All in all, we should put ourselves in a right place in sugar bowl.

2. Do you have physical contact with your sugar daddy?

This question is various from daddy to daddy, the frequency and duration of dates with sugar daddy depend on how much they paid. It is the fact that most sugar daddies do want ‘mature stuff’, sooner or later, immediately or eventually. I don’t do sleepovers on first date. In my opinion, you have to make a full understanding of your sugar daddy before deciding to have physical contact with him.

3. How do you get sugar daddies who don’t want sex?

After you sign up one of sugar daddy websites, you had better make it clear in your profile showing that you are looking for a sugar relationship without sex. In this situation, you have to take more patience to catch your potential sugar daddy because not most daddies accept your requirements. Another strategy, you can find a sugar daddy who is far from your location, but it is also not easy. You can also seek a sugar daddy who just wants to date with you online.

A sugar “daddy” not stereotypically refers to old men, while sugar baby not always those young and beautiful women. Sugar babies get monetary benefits from generous men such as lavish gifts, weekly allowance, vocations or pay bills, while sugar daddies get companionship in sugar relationship. Sugar daddies are not necessarily nor very rich, they maybe billionaire, millionaire, middle-class men as well.

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