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Posted by SugarDaddySeekingSites|Feb 19,2019

sugar baby profileThe importance of writing an exquisite profile to a sugar baby is the same as a job hooker write resume. Nowadays, most of our social work is on the internet especially for those online rich men dating sites. So in the virtue world, people know about us only through photos and the way we described us. A few tips will offer on this article on how to make a eye-catching profile to attract the best sugar daddies’ attention.

Add quality photos

The recent photos must be better than old one few years ago, because you have to avoid leaving bad impression on your sugar daddy if you decide to meet your potential sugar daddy one day. Show your full body shots, no matter you are skinny, curvy, athletic, and full figured, sexy, etc. you don’t want to miss any potential sugar daddies who are interested in your body type and show it off in your profile. It is okay with sexy photos but you have to keep your balance, too much exposure your body or keep a Victoria’s secret photographer is bad for catching your sugar daddies’ attention.

Genuine smile a universal body language is also crucial to leave a great impression on others. Why not chose some smile photos to show your respect and warm to someone who have viewed your profile. Last but not the least, add more than twenty photos to full show your daily life.

Be specific and honest about yourself

you had better avoid those mistakes when writing profile. Don’t broadcast that you love finer things in life like this way-who could tell me, who will offer me. Most successful sugar daddies are well-versed in their luxurious life, which means they want to seek a sugar baby with great taste and attractive appearance, wisdom and well personality.

Avoid the word “I need help or looking to be pampered or spoiled”, it is common that solving problems and handling financial problem is the final goal for seeking a sugar daddy. If you are broadcasting that you need financial support or want to be spoiled, which seems that you are in a very desperate situation. No one wants desperate.

To appeal your sugar daddy, the most effective way is to show what you can offer to your sugar daddy. Please keep in mind that rich sugar daddy will never lavish their money on investment without returns which is the same as how they made their business decision.

Make your profile unique

Don’t put a big chunk of text in your profile, write three different subjects in each paragraphs which including Background, Education and Travel.

Avoid mentioning negative things about yourself or telling some jokes which may mislead your sugar daddy.

Be honesty to show your personality! You don’t have to expect everyone like you. Be confidence and passionate that sugar daddies will find you.

Last but not the least, profile is definitely a platform to show yourself to others on the internet. Make sure there is no spelling or grammar problems, do not seem too demanding or too negative, avoid inappropriate words such as “attractive people please, rich men please, or sex”.

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