Sugar babies-you needs to take care of your financial security

Posted by SugarDaddySeekingSites|Apr 5,2019

sugar daddy datingThere is no doubt that sugar daddy dating is definitely change your lifestyle and deal with financial problems. You have more free time to do than ever,you don’t have to worry about a massive amount of student loans. You can even afford luxuries things that makes your life more shining.there is also sugar daddy get all your expenses cleaned.That’s probably part of the reason why sugar babies enter the sugar world. In this page, I’ll show you some tips of protecting your financial security while enjoying your arrangement.

Advice for sugar babies about financial security:
  • Do not inform your sugar daddy your accounts information. It is safe to receive allowance from sugar daddy through bank transfer-the traditional bank transfer will require your full name,address of record ,bank account and routing number, which means your sugar daddy will know all your personal information. This obviously is based on a level of trust between you and your sugar daddy.otherwise, it is the most dangerous way of exposing your personal information.
  • However,there is several ways receiving allowance without giving personal account details. Such as pay pal, cash, gift cards or reloadable credit cards. Because of the rapid development of app, it is also safe to transfer money through Google wallet, Paypal, Pop money and Venom and so can also ask for cash or gift cards which is most simple way. In addition,it is a great way to ask your sugar daddy paying your bills/rents/tuition fees.
  • Take your sugar daddy out for travel or go shopping with him Before your sugar daddy is interested in staying with you, you can travel with your sugar daddy, eating in fancy restaurant and go shopping together. All your expenses will be covered. If it is possible, do it as often as you can as you don’t have idea how long your sugar relationship will be last.
Advice for sugar daddies:
  • To a successful man, I’m sure you have set your budget to satisfy your sugar baby. Things like:how much you would pay your sugar daddies weekly allowance or monthly allowance? The highest bids will you offer to your sugar baby. What you need a sugar daddy do for you?
  • Do not give your sugar baby credit card. With the development of internet, you can use app for transfer allowance to your sugar baby,like: Paypal, wallet,square cash and venom. However, it is risk for you to give a credit card to sugar baby who maybe max out your credit card and then disappear. Gifts card,cash or take her to go shopping are also reasonable ways. In addition, if you deposit of $1,000 or more, the banks/credit unions will report to IRS, so you had better make your sugar babies’ allowance deposit under$900 if you offered through transfer.
  • You can make contractor with your sugar baby(your options) Making a contractor with sugar baby is a guarantee for two parties. In addition, it is also to make your allowance tax-deductible. For other aspects, it is also benefit for create a long-term relationship with sugar baby who you are interested in.
  • Conclusion:

    sugar daddy dating is a mutual benefit dating types for both sugar daddies and sugar babies, while both parties had better make sure your financial security in your sugar relationships. The motivations of different sugar babies are distinction from one to next, sugar daddies as well. So the financial security and personal security are most crucial things you should take into consideration. More advice for sugar babies are offered on sugar daddy seeking sites’ blog, wish this sugar dating sites makes your life sweeter.

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