Six Brutal Questions of Sugar Lifestyle-Sugar Daddies' Perspective

Posted by SugarDaddySeekingSites|Feb 25,2019

sugar daddy seeking sitesWith outnumbers beautiful ladies are tend to be sugar babies, so it is more important for sugar babies to get well known of what sugar daddies think about sugar babies. After taken a visit to several successful sugar daddies, we have got honest answers from those sugar daddies for our burning questions, read this article, wish it could solve most of your questions.

1. Do you have had sex with your sugar babies?

It depends on sugar daddy which ranges from different person. I prefer dating online which makes me feel more comfortable, because I’m so busy with my business, so talking with those beautiful sugar babies makes me feel relaxed on sugar daddy dating sites. I usually receive photos and videos from sugar babies frequently and I will also pay them weekly allowance. As mature people, I think there is no problem with sex; both get what you want under their own willing.

2. How much will you pay for your sugar baby allowance?

Nowadays, I’m dating with two sugar babies at the same time. I usually take sugar baby A to attend important dinner parties because she has excellent conversations skills and she likes meet new people and take a good conversations with them, which had definitely helpful with my business, so I always take her to meet some powerful friends. While sugar baby B is an introverted woman, but she is very intelligent and extremely good in the bedroom, we spend most of our time on watching movies or talking about daily life which make me feel at ease. Furthermore, I will pay each sugar baby $4,000 monthly allowance. I love this luxurious sugar lifestyle which is definitely mutual beneficial for both of us.

3. What kind of women are the best sugar babies?

In my mind, my favorite sugar babies are those beautiful ladies who have a pleasant personality and outstanding communication skills and make me feel comfortable. While opinions on this matter are vary from people to people.

4. Can you give any advices for newbie sugar babies who just join sugar daddy sites?

First, you had better proactive contact your sugar daddies first because there are so many competitors in the flooded websites. Second, you had better add more than ten photos which especially including wearing evening dress or tight dress. Here are some reasons, your sugar daddy need to know whether you look glamorous if you wear evening dress when you attend some important parties, tight dress is the better for showing your body figure to your potential sugar daddy. In addition, since there are so many sugar daddy dating sites is free for sugar babies, why don’t you join more than one dating sites to maximize your opportunities.

5. Do you think there is an emotional component in sugar relations?

Yes, actually many sugar babies and sugar daddies get married in the end of this relationship. While most people still think this arrangement is a transaction, we have to confess this arrangement is a mutual beneficial relationship where both sugar daddies and babies get their needs. However, if you want succeed in this sugar bowl; you have to create a meaningful relationship.

6. Do you consider getting married with your sugar baby?

Not previously, if I meet someone who could meet all my demands on the sugar daddy dating sites, I will decide to get married with her. Since so many beautiful ladies on the website, most of them are not only beautiful but also intelligent and wise.

We wish those answers could help you more or less when you decide to choose your potential sugar daddy. Next page we will offer more opinions from sugar babies’ prospective.

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