I Received Roses From My Sugar Daddy-Who Passed Away One Year Ago

Posted by SugarDaddySeekingSites|Mar 28,2019

sugardaddymeet appI received a bunch of roses on my birthday which is my favorite flower. Actually I have received the same flowers for two years, which tied with pretty bows. The card said, “Best wishes for you! Like years before, he always tell me that he loves me more year than year as the way I growing up.

We met at my age of 19 when I was a college student. He is 56 years old, even older than my parents. However, it is strange that I fall in love with him and finally get married with him.

I don’t have a happy family in my childhood. My parents divorced when I was ten years old and then I lived with my mom and she married again with my stepfather. Both of my parents have their own family, so they no longer take care of me anymore.I have to rent a house and take several part-time job to cover my tuition and life expenses. It’s extremely hard during that time because I don’t have enough time to concentrate on my study. One day I was told a website named SugarDaddyMeet from my roommates who told me its a website for seeking sugar daddy near me.

Yes, I have signed up this website, create my profile and added more than ten photos and then begin my search. After one weeks later, I received messages from Jacky-My sugar daddy finally. We have a happy communication with each other and I have told everything about my family as well as my situation, as I just regard him as my sincere listener and appreciate for him.

To my surprise, he takes care of me and comfort me even give me money to solve my problem. Two weeks later, I put forward to talk with him face to face, and he agreed. When I first met him, I did not fall in love with him and I just regard him as my best friends. He took me to gourmet restaurant and clear my bills but didn’t ask me to do something for him. He is very busy at business day and I pay my attention on my study. Sometimes we have a date twice a week even less but I gradually find that I love him, it makes me feel at ease when I stay with him. Finally, we express our feelings to each other and we get married. It is a warm home that I extremely expected. He always scheduled everything before the time,even though he is too busy to do his business, everything worked out fine.

Its another valentines day, even my husband pass away, I received the beautiful roses as he still stand by me. The owner of florist shop told me that your husband who always planned ahead had paid for in advance, he left nothing to the chance and you will get flowers every year. I thanked him and hang up the phone, tears flowing hard. I take the card my husband had write to me one year ago. “my dear, it’s been one year since I left, I wish it’s not too hard for you to overcome. You must be lonely and suffer as well, if I were on that way, I know I would feel. I remember the love we share with each other its so beautiful in my life, I love you more than I can say,you are my perfect wife,friend and lover. I hope you live a happy life even without me so I send you roses every year.

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